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On The Night Before He Died

                                            On The Night Before He Died


Have you ever had a crisis in your life?  All you wanted was to spend some quality time with some of your closest friends.  You just need a little comfort or perhaps a tender hug.

For three years Jesus had shared his heart and life with twelve men that he called his friends.  He planned to share a special meal with them.   As they gather together an argument broke out.  Hey Jesus, which one of us is going to be the greatest in your kingdom?  Jesus took this opportunity to wash each of their feet taking on the role of a slave.  He also stated, “If you want to be first in God’s kingdom, you must become a servant of all.”

There is something he must get off his chest.  Someone in this very room has betrayed him.   Jesus mentions this betrayal to the rest.  There is mass confusion in the room!  Probably all the disciples are screaming that they would never do such a thing.  Peter tops the rest by making this prideful statement; Even if all these other guys betray you, I will never leave you.  When they ask who it is; Jesus tells them clearly but they still miss all the clues.  Judas just can’t wait to leave.  He exits before finishing his meal.

Once dinner is over, Jesus leads the remaining men to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.  He is full of terror of what lies ahead.  Stay awake with me and pray.  However, not one man can keep his eyes open.  Eventually, an angry mob enters the garden.  Judas comes and gives a kiss of greeting.  Only, he is sealing Jesus fate.  Jesus is quickly arrested and hauled off in chains while the rest of his friends scatter.

History goes on to tell how the rest of the night Jesus is put on trial, beaten and spat upon.  The verdict is finally given.  Jesus must die even though the judge claims he is innocent.  He is taken out and hung between two murderers.  As he is dying he looks around at His accusers and says, Father forgive them, for they are just clueless.

The good news is that it didn’t end there!  Jesus rose from the grave and he is calling you his friend today.  How will you respond?  Will you claim to be better than the rest?  Possibly you will deny Him because you want to live life by your own rules.  Perhaps you are just too busy!  Daily, Jesus asks for me to come and sit at His feet or spend some time in prayer.

Dear Lord, Please forgive me!  Help me to be a better listener.DSCF3025