Growing Pains

I am a new mother, and I am also a child of God. I watch my daughter going through growing pains and I realize that I have the same relationship to God that she has with me.

We go on walks together. Lots of times she picks dandelions and sings simple little made up tunes to herself about the nature that surrounds her. There are times, however, when she runs toward a busy street. I stop her and turn her around. My discipline seems harsh, but it is only done in love.

I am the same way in my walk with God, and looking back through my life I can see that being obedient to God is what is best for me.

There is another experience we share. Sometimes she sees me and runs joyously to greet me only to find herself tripping on a toy and falling on her face. She has two responses. One is to get back up and come to me. She points out her “boo boo” so I can kiss it and a smile quickly appears. Another response is to remain on her face in self-pity. I will go to her and pick her up, buy she is angry at me and pushes me away. After all, she thinks, how could I allow her to get hurt if I really loved her?

I am the same way with God. Sometimes I realize Satan has just pushed another roller skate in my path to trip me. I get up and turn to God for comfort and healing. Other times I wallow on my face in self-pity. and when God picks me up I push him away and say, “Why God? If you really loved me I wouldn’t be hurting.”

Fortunately, God is patient with me and he holds me and rocks me until the pain and tears subside. Then I say, “Thanks Daddy”. I climb out of his arms with a smile on my face. I am ready to face the world again.

Priscilla Whitaker (1986)

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