Hurry Jesus, Hurry!

      This morning I see a father running frantically through the streets looking and asking everyone he comes into contact with if they have seen Jesus.  Finally, he is told where he can find Jesus but he will have to travel outside the city gates and up into the hills.

Dad- (Upon seeing Jesus) Jesus!  Please come immediately, my daughter has died but if you get there quickly, you can revive her.

(Hurry Jesus, Hurry!)

Jesus starts down the road with the dad and all of his disciples.

(There is a woman approaching.  She has been bleeding for 12 years.  She is not allowed within the city and has been outcast.)

Woman- (Thinks to herself) If I can sneak up and touch his clothes, I will be healed.  No one will even notice.  (She touches Jesus clothes.)

Jesus- (Stops) Who touched me?

Dad- Are you nuts?  look at the crowd around you.  Hurry we need to go!

Jesus- (Waits)

Woman- Jesus it was me but I didn’t mean to get in the way.

Jesus- (Smiles at the Woman) Daughter, your faith has healed you.

Woman- She is jubilant.  (Not only has the bleeding stopped, she is being called daughter by the King of Kings.  She has been healed physically and emotionally.)

Dad- Can we please go now!

Jesus- Sure!  Sometimes I am a little slow at answering your request. As you see, there are other stops along the way I need to address.

(The pace has slowed but everyone continues to this synagogue leader’s home where there is a circus of hired mourners.)

Jesus- The girl isn’t dead, she is just sleeping.

Mourners-  (Laugh and Jeer at Jesus! )

Jesus- (Kicks out the mourners and takes the girls hand.)

Daughter- She opens her eyes and smiles up at her dad and Jesus.

(Two women were given a new start with their families!)  Matthew 9

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