Dog Attack

I went for an early morning walk with my neighbor on November 14, 1996.  This was always my favorite time of day as we shared or lives with one another.  However, this morning would be different.   As we turned the corner a block from our home we saw three large black dogs running loose across the street.  We started walking slower and quieter hoping that we would not be detected.  Suddenly, I was surrounded.  Two Rottweiler’s faced me and the third Rottweiler was guarding Flora.  Within seconds, one jumped and grabbed my left arm and the other my right arm.  As was falling the third dog ran and bit me on my breast.  I looked up at Flora and she told me to tuck and protect my face.  I squeezed into a ball as one dog shook me violently by my left arm.  I heard cars honking and my first thought was, “Someone is getting married and I am dying.”  I soon realized that they were trying to scare the dogs away.  However, I knew I would not be going home that day because even if I could get up, I would be brought back down.  I prayed a simple prayer, “Lord take care of my husband and my children.”  I also prayed for Flora because she would not leave my side.  Suddenly, I heard a loud thud on the ground and my left arm was free.  I rolled over and started to get up.  A voice told me to, “Stay down!  The dogs are still trying to get you.”  I saw a large Rottweiler’s face staring at me through the spokes of a bicycle tire.  The police and fire department showed up and blocked off the street to make it safe for emergency personnel to come and treat me.   I finally had a chance to look at Frank Nielsen.  Frank had been riding his bicycle to work and when he saw the dogs take me down he came to my aid.  I told him, “Thanks for saving my life.”  Once I was being treated a woman handed Flora a phone from the other side of the fence so she could call her husband Bob.   (We didn’t have cell phones back then.)  Bob came and took my house keys because my husband was four hundred miles away in training.  That morning Bob would be responsible for getting my children out the door and on their way to school.  Flora was going to the hospital with me because she had also been bitten while trying to get one of the dogs off of me.  As I was being loaded into the ambulance I could see police standing behind barricades with their guns drawn because the dogs were still running loose.  Everything seemed so surreal!

Eighteen years have passed and today I am alive and thriving.  I want to thank all my friends and family who have stood by me and helped me through the years.  Hug your children and hold your families close as we enter the Thanksgiving Holidays.1-image0

Philippians 2:14

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped in crooked generation.” Then you will shine like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the work of life.”

I read this today after wresting with a tooth ache all night.  Do everything without grumbling or arguing!  Really God, I would love to give you a piece of my mind.  So many times I have argued with God and told him he just doesn’t understand my circumstances.

Jesus you have never felt alone.  He was totally abandoned by his friends when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane.  First, they fell asleep and then they ran.

I thought I had Jesus one time.  Lord, you have never felt guilt because you never did anything wrong.  I was reminded that he felt my guilt while dying on the cross.

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble …  Lord, I sure wish I could sparkle like a star without all the hard work.

Oh well, thanks for loving me anyway!  DSCF8965

Life is like a game of Monopoly, It all goes back in the box.

Today is my birthday and I have been asked, “What are you getting for your birthday?”  I think back to my childhood.  Our birthday treat was usually a homemade cake and the family singing “Happy Birthday” as loudly and as far off key as possible.  Sometimes we received one gift.  Recently, my pastor gave a message that “Life is like a game of Monopoly, It all goes back in the box.”  Currently, I understand that I have more stuff than I will ever need.  What truly matters in the world are my friends and family.  Relationships don’t go back in the box, they are my gift for all eternity.  Thanks for being in my life!1-Scan-011

Fun Friday

DSCF4644For fun Friday I made an I spy game with my favorite girls today.  However, today wasn’t so fun for the adults.  I managed to flood the laundry room.  The water poured into the garage damaging the ceiling and insulation.  The family I work for are the kindest people and didn’t give me a hard time but I still feel bad.

Here are some of the items hidden in the bottle.

Dog Days of Summer


We got a dog from an animal shelter five years ago.  He had been there over a month and needed a good home.  He is a Terrier Hound mix and was left because he just didn’t play well with other dogs.  At first, he had little interest in his adoptive parents.  We were told to hand feed him every bite.  We did this for a week and he warmed up to us.

Our daughter has a Mastiff Pit bull mix named Apache.  Sam and Apace get along like brothers but they have a toxic relationship.  They love to box and nip at each other all in good fun.  Dawn was going out of town for a few days and needed us to watch her dog.  We agreed because that is what parents do.

Our newly married son needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks until his rental home opened up.  His wife had two Yorkie’s that she moved into our home as well.  We kept the Yorkie’s upstairs while Sam and Apache played in our backyard all day and were crated at night.

My husband joked.  “When did we become a kennel?”  It was day five and our daughter was due home that evening.  Sam and Apache were playing in the backyard while my son was out walking the Yorkie’s.  Of course all the dogs went into a barking frenzy.  While David controlled his little Yorkie’s and started toward the house he saw Apache lunge and grab Sam’s face.   Then the fight began!   David put his dogs away and ran to stop the fight.  When he returned to the yard both dogs were licking each other in brotherly love but the damage had been done.  Sam’s lip had been torn along the jaw with another bite on the ear.  Apache’s nose was bloody and his hear had been bit as well.  $411 dollars later we have decided that we can no longer be a kennel.  After all, Sam needs a home where he can feel safe and loved.