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The Man of My Dreams


At the rehearsal dinner by new daughter-in-law gave me a pendant, with this inscription; “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.”  This took me back in time to when I was searching for the man I planned to marry.

I met a boy my senior year in high school.  I could never please him no matter how hard I tried.  When he graduated college we just kissed and said, “Good-bye”.

I took time to think about what I wanted in a man.  Mostly, I wanted a man that would accept me for who I am.  Is there someone who would love and value me?

Eventually, I was attracted to a young computer engineer at our church.  He planned a ladies night out where all the men served the single women dinner.  We watched “My Fair Lady” together and then the men cleaned up.

John and I started dating and within a couple of months we were engaged.   I thought I knew John when we were married eight months later.  I did not even begin to fathom how our lives would turn out.

Within six months we were buying our first home.  We had two children within the first five years.  When my daughter started kindergarten, I mentioned that I would like to go back to school to get my BA.  John’s response floored me.  He said, “I think you should, you are one of the smartest women I have ever met.”  I had always received average grades and I felt dumb in school because I worked so hard.  So my journey back to school began.

Life was moving forward quickly.  We sold our first house and moved up to our dream home.  I was in my last semester of college when I was in a serious dog attack.   We watched as our emergency cash slipped away and I put my education on hold.  Still, John remained at my side as we fought the owners of the dogs in court and I got therapy for my left arm.  I finally returned to school.  It took me nine years but I graduated!  Yeah!

John and I always worked together in raising our children.  We had some really tough bumps along the road but perhaps that is another story.  When our son graduated high school we chose to move to Georgia.  John was interested in retiring and California was just too expensive.  Plus, we wanted our children to be able to afford homes of their own.

I couldn’t get over how beautiful and green it is in Georgia.  My family gave me a camera for Mother’s Day in 2012.  I started taking pictures of a Great Blue Heron that would visit a pond in my backyard.  I wrote a simple story for the girls I babysit.   John told me that he had never seen anything like my story and he supported me in getting it published.

I just want to say that it has never been a dull moment.  We have learned a lot together.  I am proud of my husband for being a wonderful dad and example to our children.  Last year we celebrated thirty years of marriage.  I have to admit that I really didn’t know John on the day that we were married.  However, I know him now and he truly is the man of my dreams.  Here’s to you my love.